Gibsons Beach

Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 – 1954), Wednesday 15 March 1911, page 5

IMPURE WATER. warning’ to picnickers.

Gibson’s Bench, a favorite picnicking resort at Watson’s Bay, has a waterfall at its head, and from this some picnickers are wont to fill their billies. Learning of the practice and realising that the stream carries with it a quantity of sewerage, the Vaucluse Council recently erected a warning notice. In addition, they have now provided a supply of fresh water on the beach for the special use of visitors. By the courtesy of the Navigation Department, the council were able to tap a main which goes to the lifeboat shed, and picnickers will in future have an unlimited supply of pure water on their favorite camping ground. Despite the cheerless state of the borough finances, the council has decided to install an acetylene gas plant at the new kiosk at Parsley Bay, and to make some improvements in the lighting of Cooling-road, Vaucluse.

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