Port Jackson Pilots The Men and the Boats

From the outset, Watsons Bay was the community that provided Pilot, fishing, signal, lighthouse and rescue services for Port Jackson. British, Irish, Portuguese and Maori men and women.

This remained the case for over 150 years.  It wasn’t just the men appointed to official posts, but the entire community, including the women who participated.  The women made the men’s clothing, helped make the fishing nests and boating equipment, comforted and tended to the injured and rescued and “worried” when their partners and children were at sea.  Most of the men, whatever their occupation, assisted when the rescue boat had to be manned or there was a disaster on their doorstep, which was the entrance to the harbour and the Sow and Pigs.Families at Watsons Bay remained for generation after generation following in their father’s footsteps.

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