Four Eora Walking Tours and Two Interactive Virtual Tours

Colonial City Circuit

This walk begins and ends at Circular Quay. We pass the Opera House on Benelong Point, walk through the Botanic Gardens, site of the first “Corroboree” witnessed by the Europeans. Walk up past “Government House” to the Mitchell Library and Macquarie Street’s 19th century sandstone building. Through Hyde Park to the Strand Arcade and the Queen Victoria Building and Town Hall. From here we’ll take the light rail back down to Circular Quay. Approx. 2 1/2 Hours

Darling Harbour, Harbour and Watsons Bay

This walk begins at the Sydney Town Hall and ends at Circular Quay. We walk down Market St. to Darling Harbour where we explore “country” that was a major source of seafood for the Dharuga, was turned into a port and the centre of Australia’s Industrial Revolution and now into a tourist precinct. We take a one hour public ferry trip, from here to Watsons Bay visiting 6 wharves along the way. At Watsons Bay, we visit The Gap for some of the most stunning views of the city, harbour and ocean. Take time for lunch if you want, before we return to Circular Quay. Approx. 4 Hours

Watsons Bay Heritage

This walk begins and ends at Circular Quay. We take a half hour public ferry trip to Watsons Bay and along the way I will explain the lifestyle and culture of the Dharuga and the early colonials. At Watsons Bay, which I regard as my spiritual home, I will take you on a walk around the two sides of the fishing vilage and then out onto South Head. We will return to the wharf for the return trip to Circular Quay. Aprox. 3 1/2 Hours.

Darling Harbour, Harbour and Watsons Bay Heritage

This is the Darling Harbour, Harbour and Watsons Bay tour combined with the Watsons Bay Heritage walk. All day, as long or short as you want.

QVB and Town Hall, Darling Harbour and Harbour Intereactive Virtual Tour presented on Zoom

This consists of two 40 minute “tours”, with a 5 minute break between them. Beginning at the Sydney Town Hall, you will see videos, photographs and other images of this current and historic sandstone precinct. Here we will talk about the 65,000+ year history and culture of this continent and Dharug country. We will then walk down Market St. to Tumbalong (Darling Harbour) the site of indigenous shellfishing grounds and the birth of the industrial revolution in Australia. On to Pyrmont wharf to board a ferry for a cruise down the harbour, exploring its indigenous and colonial past. Lots of videos, photographs and images along the way to Watsons Bay. Lots of tales, including Dharug Dreaming stories, that as an oral tradition of 10,000+ years are a match for modern geological stories.

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