“Remarkable Women in the Age of Sail: 1600 to 1900”

We discuss fifteen women,  some who masqueraded as men, and went to sea. They were Sailors, Sea Captains, Marines, Botanists, Stewards, Soldiers, Shipwrights/Shipbuilders and Travel Writers.

One is only now being recognized for her major contribution to botanical research in a voyage around the world that lasted over five years in the mid-1700s.

Another in the mid-1800s, spent 16 years traveling, twice circumnavigating the earth, covering more than 20,000km by sea and 30,000km on land writing travelogues.   She began when she was 46 y.o. and financed her travel by collecting geologic samples which she sold to museums.

Others fought in major battles, several built ships and others were part of major voyages of exploration of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

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