The Brooks Family

Francis Brooks


BIRTH 17 AUG 1864 • West Bromwich London England

DEATH 21 NOV 1935 • Watsons Bay, Australia

Frederick Lister Brooks testified on behalf of John Norton assault in 1898

Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 – 1931), Wednesday 22 March 1899, page 2


A meeting of the Port Jackson Dingey Club was held on Monday night at the club rooms, Albion Hotel. Mr. T. Brooks, of Watson’s Bay, has presented the club with a valuable trophy, to be raced for; also a donation towards the club funds. Several entries were received for the 10-footers’ handicap, to be sailed next Saturday; but it was decided to allow the entries from other club boats to close finally on Thursday night. A committee was appointed to make arrangements for a suitable way of closing the season on Saturday, April 15.


A meeting of the Port Jackson Dingy Club committee was held on Moiulnv evening nt Saunders Hotel, Commodore II. Harding in the chair. The prize of £3, won by Olio in last Saturday’s 14-footcrs’ race, was handed over to Mr. Dunn. Donations were received from Messrs. W. B. Mitchell. £2 2s. and W. Maidment. £1 Is. Mr. T.’ Brooke, of Watson’s Bay, offerrd a £3 Ks trophy for a 14-fofitc-rs’ handicap race on April 8. The final handicaps for 14-footcrs, 10-fonters, and 8-fooferfl, it was decided should bo open to nil club boats, nnd a eteamcr will be chartered to follow the race. The season will be closed on April 15 with a picnic.

Who is this?  Is it Francis, Eddie’s father?   

Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 – 1931), Monday 6 February 1899, page 6



Mr. Fred. Brooks, the proprietor of the Vaucluse-Pier Hotel, Watson’s Bay, and his wife, had .an extremely exciting experience on Saturday night. They had paid a visit to some friends on the pilot steamer Captain Cook and were returning to land in a small dingey when they were run down by the ferry steamer Courier. The dingey was capsized and the occupants thrown into the water. Mr. Brooks, upon coming to the surface, saw that his wife was some yards away. It was very dark at that hour (10 p.m.), but he managed to reach her and to support her, but not without difficulty, for her struggles caused them both to sink more than once. She lost consciousness, however, after a few minutes, and his cries then attracted the attention of those in the pilot steamer, who lowered a boat and rescued them. Apparently, the crew and passengers of the Courier were unaware of the mishap, as it is stated, there was no light on the smaller boat. When picked up’ the couple had been in the water for over five minutes. Mrs. Brooks was suffering severely yesterday from the effects of her immersion, while Mr. Brooks received injuries to his side.

Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW : 1895 – 1930), Sunday 16 October 1904, page 7


Leslie Brooks, Watson’s Bay, who was a patient at the Children’s Hospital, Glebe, for 15 months, has collected no less than £6 12s 10d. He has filled five cards, and forwarded the following amounts : 25s 5d, 25s 5d, 29s 2½d, 27s 9½d, 25s, representing a total of 1594 pennies. Leslie’s contribution is the second biggest received from a boy on behalf of ‘Vivienne’s’ Cot Fund.

Leslie was Eddie’s brother

Who is F.H. Brooks?

Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 – 1954), Tuesday 28 February 1922, page 11


Tears Fish Off Lines

A grey-pointed shark, judged to be 10 feet long, and described as the largest seen by any of the party, interfered’ with fishermen outside the Heads on Sunday. Mr. F. H. Brooks of Watson’s Bay, was fishing with a number of friends, when the shark appeared alongside, and tore a couple of fish off the lines. Efforts to frighten the monster were vain, and as his familiarity was not appreciated, the party drew anchor and made off.

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), Tuesday 28 November 1922, page 9


While proceeding from Watson s Bay to Bal-main a launch occupied by Messrs. Macfarlane and Brooks and a boy was caught in the southerly off Steel Point last night The small craft shipped a quantity of water, and the engines breaking down, the launch was being swept towards George’s Head. Her position was observed from. South Head, and a pilot launch was despatched to her assistance. She was picked up and towed back to Watson’s Bay.

Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), Saturday 25 May 1935, page 23


Recovered by the Police

SYDNEY Friday -An arm and a leg and portion of a human trunk were recovered by the water police from the sea near the Gap at South Head this morning When two fishermen E and L Brooks of Watsons Bay were fishing a few hundred yards south of the Gap they saw the remains drifting toward the Heads They notified the police and a police launch took the remains on board finger prints will be taken from the hand if the skin is in a sufficiently good state of preservation In an effort to establish the man’s identity.  It is thought that the remains are those of Roy Furber whose clothes were found on the cliffs on Monday

The police said to night that the remains were not those of James Smith whose tattooed arm was disgorged by a share in the Coogee Aquarium on April



SYDNEY, Sunday.

A man was found hanged last night in his home at Watson’s Bay. He was

Harry Brooks, aged 45, ferryhand, married, of Robertson Place, Watson’s Bay. His son-in-law said he found Brooks hanging in a room at 7 p.m

Actually Henry Brooks 2 Victoria St in 1930, Night Watchman  married to Ethel Vida ATTUELL daughter Phyllis May born 3/9/28 (died Gosford 2014)

Died 12 Robertson Place

Birth of brother Edgar Frederick Brooks(1909–1997) 25 JAN 1909 • Watsons Bay, Australia

1918 16 Death of brother Leslie Raymond Brooks(1895–1918) 25 Aug 1918 • Woolahra, New South Wales, Australia

Who is Frank Brooks?

Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 – 1954), Monday 3 July 1950, page 1


A wave which suddenly washed over exposed rocks of the foot of The Gap last night saved the life of a woman who had fallen from 200 feet above.

The woman fell into the wave as it covered the rocks. She injured her shoulder in the fall. After the woman, aged 43, had received medical attention at St. Vincent’s Hospital police charged her with having attempted to commit suicide. They took her to the Reception House

A fisherman who saw the woman fall over The Gap signaled to four men in a fishing boat. The men in the boat pulled the woman from the water and took her to Watsons Bay wharf There police and ambulance officers took charge of her . Mr. Raymond Sutherland, of Old South Head Road, Vau-cluse, said last night that he had been fishing from a ledge about 10 feet, below the ledge from which the woman fell He said : “I was looking out to sea and holding my fishing line when I saw a woman’s body flash past me. “I watched her fall and, seconds later, I saw her splash into the water where a huge wave had just washed over the rocks. “It was low tide, but the tide was coming in. A: few seconds before all those jagged rocks were bare.

‘The big wave covered them to a depth of about five feet just before the woman hit. “I saw her moving her body as if she was trying to keep afloat. ‘About 200’ yards out there was a fishing boat with four men in it. “I veiled to the men and pointed to the woman. “It was a good fishing morning— calm and not windy. I don’t know where that wave came from.” Mr Frank Brooks, of Robertson Parade, Watson’s Bay., said he was sitting near The Gap looking for a spot from which to fish. He added: “I Happened to look up and saw the woman falling . saw her hit the water just after the huge wave washed over and covered the rocks. “The backwash took her out with it. , “I ran to the telephones near ; the kiosk and tried” to telephone the police. “There are two telephones there, but both were out of order.. “Finally, a friend, Mr. James Dempster who was with me. ran to a chemist’s Shop and telephoned police from there.” Could lief folk 5 The owner of the small launch which rescuec the woman is Mr Ernest Moss, of Willow Park. Waitara. He said: “When we saw a chap signalling to us we thought he was pointing to a big shoal of fish “””ben we saw the woman’s body floating in the water more than 200 yards away. “We upped anchor and picked her up. “We put her in the cabin and Bill Lumley. of Penshurst Street. Willoughby, who was with us. applied artificial res piration. “She was semi-conscious and could not talk. “She half-opened her eyes and we gave her a nip of rum, . “She mumbled and- then . called out ‘Daddy; daddy.’ “Then she lost consciousness again. “By that time we were well on our way to Watson’s Bay where we handed her over to ambulance officers.” While Eastern Suburbs Am bulance was taking the woman to – hospital. police notified her husband. He was waiting at the hos pital when she arrived there. Sergeant N. Coates, of Rose Bav police, is investigating the woman’s fall. Police said last night thev had no record of qny other person wl had fallen over The Gap and lived      Isggp- Pictures page J.

Eddie Brooks was a pastry chef and baggage handler at Qantas. Son of Francis William Brooks and  Annie Therese Forman (Fuhrmann)(1869–1956) 1956 • Watsons Bay, Australia

  • Birth of Francis William Brooks

17 AUG 1864 • West Bromwich London England

  • 187612

Birth of half-sister

26 Sep 1876

  • 187712

Birth of sister Ellen Copeland Kate Perry(1877–1952)

24 Feb 1877 • Winchester, Hampshire, England

  • 187813

Birth of half-brother

29 JAN 1878

  • 187813

Birth of half-brother

28 JUN 1878

  • 187914

Birth of half-brother

Jun 1879

  • 188116

Birth of half-sister

Mar 1881

  • 188117

Birth of half-brother

23 Sep 1881

  • 188117

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1881 • , Staffordshire, , England

Printing compositor

  • 188117

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1881 • Winchester, Hampshire, England

Relationship to Head: Step Son

  • 188218

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4 Sep 1882

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  • 188218

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4 Sep 1882 • London, , England

Enlisted in the Royal Marines (Register # 1341)and was discharged on the 15th September 1890 . He was attached to HM Orlando which arrived in Sydney 1stJanuary 1890

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  • 188621

Birth of half-sister

17 Jan 1886

  • 188722

Birth of sister Ella M Perry(1888–1944)

1887 • Winchester, Hampshire, England

  • 188723

Birth of sister Ella M Perry(1888–1944)

October 1887 • Winchester, Hampshire, England

  • 188723

Birth of half-sister

30 OCT 1887

  • 188823

Birth of sister Ella M Perry(1888–1944)

abt 1888 • Winchester, Hampshire, England

  • 188823

Birth of sister Ella M Perry(1888–1944)

Abt. 1888 • Winchester, Hampshire, England

  • 188925

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18 Aug 1889 • Sydney

Arrived in Sydney on as a Royal Marine on the 18th August 1890. On HMS Orlando

  • 188925

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1889 • Paddington, New South Wales

Reference # 1815/1889

Annie Therese Forman (Fuhrmann)


  • 189025

Birth of daughter Ella Brooks(1890–1952)

21 JUL 1890 • Sydney NSW

  • 189026

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4 Dec 1890 • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Joined NSW Police (Badge #6117) based with the water police until 1892

  • 189026

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Francis Brooks Police


14/12/1890 • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Water Police Badge 6117 Resigned 31/08/1892

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  • 189328

Birth and death of son Edward W Brooks(1893–1893)

9 Apr 1893 • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

  • 189531

Birth of son Leslie Raymond Brooks(1895–1918)

7 Nov 1895 • Marrickville N.S.W

  • 189732

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4 Aug 1897 • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Joined NSW Fire Brigade base at No 6 Station North Sydney Retired 17th August 1929

  • 189733

Death of father Jesse Brooks(1837–1902)

Dec 1897 • Winchester

  • 189833

Birth of son William Henry Brooks(1898–1938)

09 AUG 1898 • St.Leonards,NSW.Australia

  • 189834

Death of half-brother


  • 190237

Birth of son Henry George Brooks(1902–1947)

5 Apr 1902 • Vaucluse, New South Wales, Australia

  • 190238

Death of father Jesse Brooks(1837–1902)

October 1902 • Blackburn, Lancashire

  • 190238

Death of father Jesse Brooks(1837–1902)

Dec 1902 • Lower Darwen

  • 190843

Death of father James Perry(1825–1908)

January 1908 • Winchester, Hampshire

  • 190944

Birth of son Edgar Frederick Brooks(1909–1997)

25 JAN 1909 • Watsons Bay, Australia

  • 191046

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1910 • Marine Parade Watsons Bay

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  • 191349

Death of half-brother

01 OCT 1913

  • 191752

Death of mother Hannah Woodford(1843–1917)

Mar 1917 • West Ham, Essex, England

  • 191854

Death of son Leslie Raymond Brooks(1895–1918)

25 Aug 1918 • Woolahra, New South Wales, Australia

  • 192864

Death of half-sister

31 DEC 1928

  • 192965

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17 Aug 1929 • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

  • 193167

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1931 • Marine Parade Watsons Bay

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  • 193369

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1933 • Marine Parade Watsons Bay

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  • 193571

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19 Nov 1935 • South Head Cemetery Vaucluse NSW (registration number 25282/1935)

  • 193571

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21 NOV 1935 • Watsons Bay, Australia

Not sure where he fits in:

Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 – 1942), Saturday 30 November 1895, page 16


The marriage of Miss Margarita Imeldi TJhde, youngest daughter of Mrs. TJlide-Bugman, witli Mr. Henry «T. Brooks, elder son of the late Henry Thomas Gilbert, took place at St. Patrick’s Church on Tuesday, the 12th inst., theE-ev. P. Le liennetel officiating. The bride, who was given away by Professor T. Butler, was becomingly attired, and carried a choice bouquet of flannel flowers. Miss L. Bngrnan acted, as bridesmaid, and the bridegroom was

attended by his brother, Mr. h. Gilbert. After the wedding ceremony the bridal party adjourned to the residence of the bride’s mother, where an excellent dejeuner \va& served. Among the guests were Professor and Mrs. Butler, Miss K. Bugrnan, Miss L. Bugman (the two sisters of the bride), Mr. Charles I. X. Uhr, Mr. C. J. Thomas, Mrs. Gilbert (mo thai* of the bridegroom), Mrs. Uhdo-Bugman, Mr. Edgar Josephson, Mr. Sid. Bugman, and Mr. L. Gilbert. Mr. Charles 1. K. Uhr, in a few words, proposed the health of the bride and bridegroom. Mr. Gilbert feelingly responded. The wedding presents I’or warded wore much admired. Later in the day Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert left for Tasmania for their honeymoon. The bridegroom is grandson of the late Captain James Gilbert and of the late Captain Alfred Brooks, of Watson’s Bay.

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