“The Eora: The People of Sydney Harbour Prior to 1788: Their Society and Culture”. A Live Power Point or Online Zoom Presentation

Prior to the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, there were some 1,000 people of the seven Eora Clans, living around the harbour. 

These people were Saltwater People, and they spent a large part of their lives on or beside the water. 

This presentation is about their society and culture:  It is about “The Dreaming”, the creation of country and the laws laid down by Baiame, the creation god or “sky father”.

It is about the seven clans and their relationships with each other and the other 22 clans of the Dharawal nation.  They had a 30,000+ years culture, and had forged a strong society that was in harmony with “country”.

We will look at their lives from birth to marriage and death; their making of nowies (canoes); fishing gear; weapons; clothing and shelters;  their initiation and justice ceremonies;  their food and drink;  their education practices;  their music and song;  their healing practices;  their arts and their games.

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