The Stead Family of Watsons Bay

I am posting three biographies here. Many people are aware that Christina Stead (1902–1983) was an Australian writer regarded as one of the twentieth century’s master novelists, and that she grew up at Watsons Bay.

Few are aware that her father David George Stead was a marine biologist, ichthyologist, oceanographer, conservationist and writer and that he was the main driving force behind and founder of, the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia.

Even fewer people know of David’s third wife, Thistle Stead (nee Harris ) a botanist, educator, author and conservationist.

I am posting the tree biographies published by the Australian Dictionary of Biography as all three are more detailed than any biographies I might write and to make them available at one location appropriate for a social history of Watsons Bay.

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