Warami / Budyeri Kamaru Eora : Hello Sydney

Warami is Dharug and Budyeri Kamaru Dharwal for Hello

I conduct four walking tours of the city and Watsons Bay.

I also offer three virtual reality interactive tours. and also

Two Power Point Zoom or Face to Face Presentations

We call this place Sydney. The Dharug and Dharawal people, who were and are custodians of country around the harbour, identified themselves as Eora (pronounced “yura“). We believe they meant “the People”, derived from Ee (yes) and ora (this place).

Hello to Sydney and hello to the Eora

My name is Gavin Crawford and I’m a retired publisher and historian who volunteers with the Australian National Maritime Museum as a guide, with the Wayside Chapel in the cafe and Aboriginal Project, and with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The cost of my “walks” is a donation to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation or The Wayside Chapel

https://www.indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au/ Donate what you think the experience was worth.

  • Colonial City Circuit (Walk)
  • Darling Harbour to Watsons Bay (Walk and Ferry)
  • Watsons Bay and South Head (Walk)
  • Full day, Darling Harbour, Watsons Bay and South Head (Walk, Ferry, Walk & Ferry)
  • Town Hall to Darling Harbour (Virtual Zoom Tour)
  • Harbour Cruise (Virtual Zoom Tour)
  • Watsons Bay South Head (Virtual Zoom Tour)
  • The Eora People of Sydney Harbour Prior to 1788: Their Society and Culture (Face to Face or Zoom Presentation)
  • Immigration From 1840 to 1900: The Voyages in Their Own Words (Face to Face or Zoom Presentation)
  • Port Jackson Pilots: The Men and the Boats (Face to Face or Zoom Presentation
  • Colonial Boat and Ship Building (Face to Face or Zoom Presentation)

I live in Dharug and Dharawal Country, and acknowledge the wisdom of their neighbours, the Wiradjuri, who practice “Yindyamarra Winhanganha”

“The wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in … to show respect, to go slowly, to take care and to think before acting. Living with Yindyamarra, is living in harmony and respect with each other and country.”

I observe Yindyamarra Winhanganha when presenting walking tours of Sydney: always was and always will be Dharug and Dharawal Country.


Warami Eora:Hello Sydney offers four walking”experiences” in Sydney. Not the usual tours, but an introduction to an 80,000 year old culture and it’s resiliance in a modern world. We will explore the life of Dharug people before and after of the arrival of Europeans, and the colonials themselves; criminals, gaolers, freebooters and those in search of a better life.

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